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Movie Review: Good Luck; and Malaysian Airlines MH17

*In one plane, you can always find joy,
hope, love, sorrow and also parting.

Today's post will be in english. I was intended to post this entry earlier after i just watched this movie last two week. But i forgot actually.
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It was the second time to watch this drama of Japanese because i just cant resist the quality of Japan drama especially this drama together with Code Blue; also other Japanese drama as i said in my twitter last week.

Good Luck (2003) drama was a story about a rookie young co-pilot Shinkai who was a good, determine, and bold. A long the story, many event happen, such as a pilot suddenly sick in a cockpit, a plane cannot landing at destine location because of heavy haze, a scene that the passenger have a panic attack, a scene that a plane having technical problem in cabin and lead to passenger panic and many more interesting issues.

Also happen to one of the plot of this story where a senior pilot, named Koda blamming himself for the incident happen involved a plane that he should be fly 12 years ago. He was sicked at his schedule flight and replaced by Hasegama. Unfortunately, problem happen and the plane cannot be control and it was crashed. After that incident, he blamming himself, seperate with his girlfriends and live in a cold thought. Ogawa, a cold plane's engineer girl that catch Shinkai's heart, her parent involved in that plane crashed and makes she and her sister live separately. Making fly with a plane was a scary thing in Ogawa's life.

Back to Koda's story, at first Shinkai doesnt know about his past life. He was too excited to know why Koda being too cold toward others until his colleague tell him everything. Every since then, he wants Koda to forget the past and live his life gratefully. Another incident happend and Shinkai has been told that he cannot fly anymore. With support from Ogawa and Koda( because of sense of guilt that he was the reason which cause Shinkai disabilities), he actually manage to fly a plane again and bring Ogawa together.

I learnt from this story that;
  1. A pilot have to be perfect either in health; mentally and physically, and judgement. 
  2. Every pilot is responsible toward all pasangesr and crews.
  3. In one plane, you can always find joy, hope, love, sorrow and also parting.
  4. Flight can change without notice.
  5. Things can't always go as plan
  6. Smoking and drinking do nothing but harm.
I found it very interesting and worth to watch till the end. It also good for the young generations to watch it because of the story gives so much inspiration.

Malaysia's film industry is a way long to go to reach this drama level because it use many high technologies such as flight simulator and plane on the scene. The 'Code Blue' as I mention earlier, also used helicopter as their main medical transportation along with the medical tool and hospital scene. Sure such drama used a lot of expensive 'backdrop', also important and busy place too.

Im not sure how they deal with it but turn out that Japanese drama was worth and recommend to watch!!

*Sure you guys have heard the hit news about unfortunate Malaysian Airlines plane(#MH17) was shot down on 17 July 2014. That night(Malaysia time), I cannot believe at first and hopped that the news was not correct. Malaysia still mourning about the loss plane #MH370 from the same Malaysian Airlines. Then came another plane that was shot down.

*Malaysia was really being tested, furthermore, it happen on fasting month and just another 10 days to celebrate Hari Raya, which suppose everyone was enjoy the day after successfully complete 30 day of fasting. Now, I dont know what will happen, this coming Raya might not be as happy as before. Moreover, it might be very sad and tragic year for the next of kin that have family and friend in both unfortunate plane, the incident which happen within 4 month only.

*My friends and whoever read this entry, let take this opportunity, this Ramdhan within last 10 days to make pray and sadaqah recitation of Yasin for those muslim crew and pasanger in both plane Malaysian Airlines hoping that their soul will be in peace. Also not forgotten to pray for the mujahideen at Gaza, Palestine and all over the world. Amen.

p/s: ignore my grammar error. peace!
p/s/s: seriously being a pilot is sooooo cool!
p/s/s/s: is it pilot job is only for male only? i cannot find female pilot!

I have tweet one of the malaysian pilot at twitter asking the above question and his answer like bellow;

Seriously, there are female pilot! ohsem!

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